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Exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art quality products are two things you can expect from DOGTEK. Dedicated to developing and manufacturing industry-leading electronic pet products, the brand is well known for being a leader in new technology and innovation. With over 20 years of experience the Research and Development Department is always incorporating the latest technology into their quest for the most cutting edge training products on the market.

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    Each and every DOGTEK product is tested and approved by veterinarians and training professionals to ensure that it not only works well but also that it is completely safe and pet-friendly.

    DOGTEK electronics are manufactured in France by Num’Axes  (owner of the best-selling electronic dog training products brand in Europe) and are known for their remarkable performance and technological reliability.

    The DOGTEK Electronic Dog Fence System promises safety and freedom for your dogs and convenience and peace of mind for you. The invisible fence allows you to decide exactly where the perimeter lies without the need to build a costly and unsightly traditional fence.  The 330 feet of included perimeter wire can be installed above ground, buried under ground, or fixed to existing fencing or walls to create a containment zone for your dog. The system can accommodate any number of receiver collars and can be installed over any terrain. The invisible dog fence system also allows you to create zones within your perimeter that are out of bounds so you can keep your dogs out of area like flower beds and gardens without the need to erect physical barriers.

    DOGTEK NoBark Collars are simple and effective at discouraging excessive barking to restore the quiet (and your sanity) in your home.  Using state-of-the-art technology NoBark Collars provide a humane solution by helping to teach your dog to stop nuisance barking. With a variety of collar options available, you can choose the type of correction that’s right for your dog. Harmless but startling static impulse correction is customizable and suitable for all dogs, ultrasound and vibration is a good options for small dogs, and spray collars which are available both scented and unscented can be used with dogs large or small.

    Canicom Remote Training Collars by DOGTEK are used along side of your vocal training commands to instantly and effectively correct unwanted behavior through audible warning tones followed by a safe static impulse correction. Your dog learns to associate the unpleasant and startling impulse with the unwanted behavior and the audible warning beeps. Once your dog has made the association the audible tone will suffice to persuade the dog to change behavior. Waterproof collars, multiple impulse levels, LCD display and magnetic on/off switch are just a few of the features you’ll find in the Canicom line of remote training products. The Canicom 200 is perfect for use with a single dog with a range of 200 yards. For two dog situations and a larger working range of up to 400 yards use the Canicom 400.

    All Products are backed by a limited one-year warranty.


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