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Dog Fence Boundary Kits

We’ve made expanding your in-ground electric dog fence a cinch with pre-packaged wire kits. When you need more wire, splices, and training flags than your DIY dog fence included you can easily purchase one of our kits. These wire kits include all the necessary supplies to expand your electric dog fence by 1/3 acres (500 linear feet).

  • Most electric dog fence systems come standard with enough wire, flags, and splices to complete a simple, single-loop installation of about 1/3 acre.  If you are planning a larger or more complicated installation, such as one that includes exclusion zones (also referred to as lake loops), you’ll need to plan for more of these three basic supplies.

    Wire, waterproof wire splices, and training flags are all available individually for your specific fencing needs, but we also offer these necessities in convenient pre-measured kits that allow you to increase the size the size of your installation in standard increments. These easy to order kits are the ideal way to quickly and easily increase the size of your installation without having to calculate the supplies needed.

    Our Expansion Kits can be purchased with upgraded professional grade wire or with standard factory grade wire so no matter which wire you use there is a kit to match your specs.  If you have not installed your system yet and are still in the planning phase be sure to check out the differences between the factory grade wire likely included in your dog fence system and upgraded professional grade wire. You can save money in the longer term by upgrading your wire to avoid corrosion and wire breaks that leave your dogs unprotected. 

    Please review the detailed information on wire selection here.


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