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Twisted Wire

Twisted wire is used in almost all electric pet fence installations. Twisting two dog fence wires together creates a neutral wire that your dog can cross without receiving a warning or correction. The most common use of twisted wire is for connecting the tansmitter box (installed in your home or garage) to the boundary loop. Twisted wire is also used to connect an island loop (exclusion zone) to the main perimieter loop. 

  • Most in-ground pet fence kits do not include twisted wire. Twisted wire can be made by twisting two lengths of perimeter wire together, but generally making twisted wire is more trouble than it's worth if you're using any decent amount. 

    Upgrading from factory grade to pro-grade wire will safeguard your system against time-consuming wire breaks that leave your dogs unprotected. 

    Twisted wire is available in 100 ft. spools in both factory and pro grade qualities. 


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