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Dog Fence Flags

Electric dog fence flags are a key element used to mark your dog’s new boundary and provide a visual to help her learn where that boundary is. Like boundary wire, most electric dog fence kits include just enough dog fence flags to cover a small installation area; chances are you’ll need more to sufficiently mark the entire perimeter of your new in-ground dog fence.

  • Dog fence flags are not installed directly above the buried wire but rather along the line of your warning/correction zone. This is the point at which the collar is triggered to beep, audibly warning dog the turn and retreat from the flag line. During your training sessions, your dog will learn to associate the flag line with the warning to back off and will use the flags as a visual marker of her boundaries.

    Flexpetz recommends installing the training flags at 4-6 ft. intervals around your perimeter. The dog fence flags can be spaced a bit further apart on straight lines and need to be closer together on curved areas as these are a little harder for your dog to learn to recognize.

    As your dog becomes more and more comfortable within her new bounds, you’ll be able to gradually remove the flags. We recommend thinning them out by removing every other flag, every other day until your lawn is free and clear of the dog fence flags altogether.

    Flexpetz flags are large 5”x5” white flags, making them easier for your dog to spot, even from a distance. The increased visibility really helps with boundary recognition and training and cuts down on the overall number of flags you’ll need to cover your entire perimeter.

    Dog Fence flags are available in 50 or 100 pack sizes. The 50-pack will sufficiently cover from 300-400 linear ft. of boundary. The 100-pack is enough to cover about 800 linear ft. of wire.  


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