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Dog Fence Accessories



Electric dog fence systems are pretty straightforward and simple systems. While there aren’t a too many bells and whistles, there are a few helpful accessory items that you can use with your electric dog fence system. A few examples of accessories you might find helpful are replacement or spare batteries, different or spare contact points, and surge protection.

  • Dog collar batteries or chargers are a necessary element of most dog fence systems. Keeping spare batteries on hand is always a good idea. You never know when you’ll need to change a flat battery or risk the safety of your dog. Having one charger for each rechargeable collar on your system will ensure you are never stuck with two collars to charge and only one charger.

    Extra Collar Straps can be used to replace an old and worn strap or add a bit of personal flare to your dog fence collar. More practically, extra collar straps of different colors are used to differentiate between the collars for each of your dogs. Unless your dogs have the exact same neck sizes and correction level setting needs, you'll want to be able to distinguish between their collars by assigning each dog a particular color. 

    Collar contact points are the part of the dog fence receiver collar assembly that makes physical contact with your dog's neck. The most common reason for breakouts with a properly trained dog is improper collar fit. Since the contect points need to remain in direct contact with your dog's skin, different dogs will need different types of contact points. Long contact points are most often used for dogs with very thick or long coats, whereas shorter contact points are ideal for shorter coats. Different manufacturers offer different types of contact points. Some are cross-compatible, some are not. Contact points are available in steel or steel-infused rubber, stiff or flexible, and even retractable. Some dog fence kits come standard with different size contact points. Other manufacturers include only the short contact points, requiring you to purchase additional long points if your dog has thick or long fur. 

    Purchasing dog fence accessories at the same time that you purchase your electric dog fence kit purchase will save you time and hassle when the time comes that you need them. Having these important items on hand will remove any delay in getting them when you need them most.


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